Obsessive compulsive disorder - OCD

I was doing some research on my thought disorder yesterday and I realized what I have might be OCD.
Just the thought part because I’m being brainwashed by the same thoughts, all day everyday.

Has anybody had this? what are the possible treatments?

Have you spoke to your pdoc about this? Don’t diagnose yourself…

yeah but he’s an ■■■■■■■! I’ve been telling him I’m not doing well and getting obsessed thoughts for the past month, I even called him twice, he’s like uhhh,ummm, let’s increase your med a little bit. then I suggested him that I should do therapy, he’s like umm… yeah ok, we’ll talk about it when you come back from vacation.

Yeah…my advice is also to avoid self diagnosing on internet.
As far as I know, OCD means that you have certain obsessive thoughts that trigger certain compulsive actions as a ‘calming’ mechanism.

my problem is exactly like OCD except that I don’t take actions but I have obsessive thoughts all day everyday. Maybe if I tell him that what I have is like OCD, he will take me seriously? I’m just frustrated stuck like this

Well, just wait a bit than, before diagnosing yourself. My pdoc doesn’t recomment psychotherapy for example, I’m waiting a while to do it.

I don’t know and I’m going to vacation with this mindset. :pensive:

I think that both elements are required to consider something as OCD. Like for instance, person have negative thoughts about self appearance and repeatedly thinks he failed in life + he does things like binge eating, cutting himself etc to sort of suppress those thoughts.
Standard CBT and antidepressants as Zoloft helps there.

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That sucks, I know and I am sorry. But self diagnosing is not the way to go.

Maybe it’s pure OCD. I think I have that. I get intrusive thoughts too.

yeah could be. my obsession is just hurtful memories from my past that don’t leave me alone. I don’t have peace when my life rocks. I don’t know how to stay in the present moment. It’s some sort of thought disorder. It started in 2011 when I first got psychotic.

I remember for a while there my mind use to “float” where every waking moment no matter what I did my mind would automatically think without me even trying to think about it, about all my previous memories and thoughts and actions. It was actually pretty chaotic because it was like I was re-living my life.

I’m not a doctor, but a comedian called ‘Maria Bamford’ had something like this, and ended up getting diagnosed bipolar. Her therapist used to call it ‘Unwanted thought syndrome’ and unsuccessfully tried to treat her with CBT. She even called one of her albums ‘Unwanted thought syndrome’

Interesting. It is an unwanted thought that I don’t even care about :weary:

She used to describe a kind of brain washing like you described to an extent at least. But therapy didn’t help her, just meds.

It’s probably the same old story familiar to us all, if the meds you’re on aren’t helping, then try others.

Sorry to hear that you’re going through this while actually on meds.

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Intrusive (unwanted) thoughts and images can be part of OCD - I have OCD and I have lots of different fears, which also can be part of OCD.

Sometimes certain meds can trigger or worsen OCD and OCD like thinking patterns.

Are you on a new med? this could be the culprit - I would talk it over with your pdoc and tell him or her what is going on.

Various Antidepressants and CBT are some treatments against OCD.

actually I’ve been thinking when this disorder came back and as I recall, it started when I went down from 80 mg of geodon in the morning to 40 mg. Now that I quit that med completely, it has become worse. But I’m on a new med Latuda, will increase it today.

I wouldn’t do it without consulting with your doctor. If it’s recent after a med change then yes, that could definitely be the culprit. @wave knows a lot about ocd.

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I’m worried about my intrusive thoughts. Some of them are dark and I read you can get bad karma from just thinking bad thoughts.

my doc told me to increase it last week. I just really hope it helps me.

@astefano yeah you’re right.

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