One hour to go

And then I’m off to the bank and shopping for groceries. I really don’t want to go but there is no choice. My mask and gloves are ready.


You don’t use a store that offers delivery?

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The issue is that when you place the order the money comes out of the bank account right away and I have almost no money in my account. I have a cheque I need to deposit and we need groceries so I’m stuck shopping.

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Bank was completely empty which was nice. Walmart was ok. I was only a bit stressed out. Now I’m feeling nauseous. My wonderful daughter is carrying in the groceries for me.

Glad it wasn’t a totally horrible event.

I also hate grocery shopping so I feel your pain.

Happy it’s over for you and you have some new groceries now!


I bought a treat for myself. I bought potato salad. Yumm


I always have to sort of ground myself when I get home from being in public.

And I’m sure the covid mess isn’t helping your stress.

Just snuggle up with those cute pets and rejoice in having groceries now. :blush:


When I had to do grocery shopping I hated it. I always felt like I was someone else. I’m wondering if I have difficulty justifying the fact that I eat. When one is grocery shopping, it’s obvious.

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