Shopping therapy, groceries

Anyone else feel calmer after grocery shopping? I feel good knowing there’s more food.

I especially enjoy treats. I got a few things to treat myself this time. Some tea with tumeric, some corn beef hash, a tumeric latte box, and some special coffee.


These days I always feel a little stressed and anxious going to the grocery store because of the high COVID numbers in my area. :frowning: I do feel good after I get back home and the refrigerator is filled up again.

I was at walmart last week shortly before closing when they were restocking and I scored some Clorox wipes. That’s the first time I’ve been able to find Clorox wipes in 5 months. :+1:

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I love shopping online and receiving my items by the post. I feel like I am gifting myself lol

I had tell two people back up today. They were right up on us. Two different stores.

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I love it when the fridge and pantry are full.

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When I was at the grocery store the other day there was a young couple with a baby. I was making my usual smiling face for the baby (from 6 ft social distance away) when I realized the baby couldn’t see my smile because of my face mask. I waved at the baby and the baby finally smiled back. :smile:

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I live alone and no longer have a car, so I have groceries delivered. I meet the delivery driver outside my apartment building. We are on lockdown due to Covid19, and the manager doesn’t want anyone other than residents coming in the building. I usually feel better when I have some food and especially snacks.


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