On the verge of quitting Mastodon

For all its shortcomings,especially since Musk took over,in the 10 years I’ve been on Twitter I’ve never been treated as badly there as I have been on Mastodon. I was totally naive, and stupid, to buy into the hype about it. When you have someone having a go at you because you’ve stated that both women and transwomen should be treated decently and respectfully, then without any doubt you’re in a toxic environment. Even more toxic when you point out that being treated as having done something wrong when you haven’t is a major trigger,one that’s due to a childhood experience, and your account gets ‘limited’


I’m so glad I’m not on any social media :expressionless:


I’m rarely active on social media these days. Arguing with idiots hiding behind a screen is not my cup of tea. You should see how low they can stoop in the comments section on FB, and they are quick to report anyone who (respectfully) disagrees. Technology and civilization don’t advance at the same pace. The latter is lagging behind by a century.

You should try bluesky it’s way better

Quit Mastodon last night. It’s claim to be better than Twitter is pure BS. A person there can make a totally uncalled for and nasty response to a comment you make , and that’s regarded as perfectly acceptable. However to say that kind of thing is unacceptable gets your account ‘limited’. Such is the moral toxicity there. Where being hurtful is acceptable, but criticising such behaviour isn’t. When the appeal against the ‘limit’ was rejected I didn’t take long to delete my account. I had no desire to stay in an abusive and toxic place.

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Back to twitter?

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I was still using Twitter.

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