On my own but surviving

sometimes I feel pretty alone and down.i find it difficult and when its at its worst I get suicidal thoughts.i like to think im a good person but my situation gets me down.its nice to let of a bit of steam on this site and know im not the only one struggling and it helps when people reply.i guess were all in it together in some ways…


Know that you are not alone, this site has helped me out immensely


Hang in there dude.

It only gets easier. Helps to have a plan.

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You are a good person. It is hard when this illness want’s to play rough. But please remember… you are not this illness. You are a person first.

I’m sorry your feeling blue. I hope you can find something to help perk up the mood.

Good luck and I’m rooting for you. Be kind to yourself.


Hey pat. This forum helps me a lot as well. Sometimes it is the only contact I get all week. Stay strong buddy.

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:bug: bug hug and a four leaf clover :four_leaf_clover: for you.
stay strong.
take care :alien:

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You know that you have a whole bunch of people that feel just like you… Right?

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Be proud you are able to live on your own. That is a huge accomplishment

thank you everyone for your replies.i don’t get help from pychatric service because I am to well for them…some days I feel well enough to do voluntary work some times not.hope I pick up over the next week or two.is anyone out there doing it on there own?