Omega 3 and schizophrenia

I found this article which is interesting

Omega-3 fatty acids related to cognitive impairment in patients with schizophrenia

Going to start taking omega 3,6 and 9 1000mg see if it makes a difference in terms of cognitive


So I took Omega 3 yesterday and noticed my craving for cigarettes have all but disapeared Im busy quitting smoking and read up Omega 3 is a good smoking cessation supplement

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I take omega but stopped for a while. I’m going to start taking it after this article and many others backing up the claim it helps with schizophrenia. How is the nicotine free life treating you?

Haven’t totally quit down to five cigarettes a day plan on totally cutting it out and vaping.Had a bit of mania yesterday which went away when I vaped. Plan on cutting all nicotine out and then vaping nicotine free juice. With the Omega 3 I can definitely quit because the cravings aren’t there I’m just smoking as a habit now in the mornings and evenings my concentration is greatly increased and I’m not thinking of cigarettes all the time. Id recommend Omega 3 for any smoker or schizophrenic the difference for me was immediate the next day.

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I say this all the time because I’ve experienced it myself; if you’re schizo and you indulge in nicotine, whatever form it may be, and you decide to quit; it could cause you to hallucinate and may even worsen your hallucinations.

Yea I’m worried about that which is why I’m cutting down slowly.

Not to discourage you @MisterCrowley, I’ve been on NRTs for about 4 years now and I have not experienced anything bad from it and I dont plan on quitting. I get my fix of nicotine without ruining my lungs.

That’s an option as well nicotine is suppose to have a protective effect on schizophrenia. But if I quit smoking they can lower my meds.

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I consider it the Holy Grail of schizophrenia. It really is a wonderful nootropic.