Fish Oil can help Smokers Quit

If you’re trying to quit smoking, try adding a little fish oil to your diet. Researchers in Israel have found that fish oil can reduce cravings for cigarettes. In the study, smokers who were given omega-3 capsules every day for a month cut their cigarette consumption by 11 percent.

Smoking is known to reduce the levels of essential fatty acids in the brain, especially that of omega-3. A lack of omega-3 makes it hard for the smoker’s body to deal with cravings.

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It also helps with the negative symptoms in schizophrenia!

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I have been on lots of fish oil for many years.

After many years of being a heavy smoker, I stopped all smoking at 5 PM on July 3 this year.

I’m not too comfortable at present, however. I’m sticking close to recovered smokers.


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