Old voice returning

First off, as always, I will be talking to my doctor about this. With my sza, I have a few voices that are attached to entire ways of existing that make them feel “real”, like they’re almost a person with motives. I had an old one that very much felt like a romantic interest. I firmly believed he was an inter dimensional being I had a relationship with, as embarrassing as that is to say. Out of nowhere, he’s popping back up. I’m nervous because any “good voice” (I know there’s no such thing) makes it easier to slip into psychosis for me. For clarification, my next appointment is in just a few days, so at least this isn’t hitting at a bad time.

I just kind of needed to vent. I know if I identify this as a voice, it’ll make it easier to address and remind myself he isn’t real.


I had friends once and left them for my voices. But then, I had to get away from those people. My voices can seem real. Ever wonder why you only get a glimpse of them? Because you’d see through it otherwise.

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Yes, I think it is important to be objective about it.

It can be difficult for me sometimes because the internal voices also often come with tactile hallucinations, sometimes profound. I am just continuing to turn away from the voices and tactile impressions, reminding myself that the real world is the physical world in front of me.

In the case of something that felt like a romantic interest, I imagine it can feel like a break-up which is also emotionally charged, as you were invested relationally in the hallucination.

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I think it’s good that you’re talking about it as it’s happening probably makes you feel more enabled and it’s good that you’re going to talk to your doctor about it

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