I have a new voice

I’ve felt his presence for a few weeks, and today he introduced himself. His name is Victor, and his demeanor resembles that of a Victor who used to bully me.
I’ve told the staff at the hospital, and now I’m waiting for a doctor to come talk to me. I don’t know what they’ll do about that.
Victor is not nice. I already have two not nice voices, I don’t need any more.

Is he permanent like the others?
Anyone else get new voices this late in their disease? I’m 29 and heard my first voice at 5


I’m so sorry you’re experiencing another voice! I hope the doctor can give you skills to manage the stress of it!

I’m sorry you’re going through this. I hope a med tweak helps.

I never heard voices, but I used to get delusional thoughts and thought people could read my mind and out to kill me. And I thought the tv was talking about me and could see me.

Best of luck with the voices! That must be a challenge.

You should also talk to your doctor about it.

I also have a new voice. She says that she’s my healing guide and comes from France. I have to brush up my French.

Since you asked I hear new voices wherever I go. The neighbors, there is always neighbors… Sometimes It makes me feel important but it just drags on and on and always goes bad. @Pikasaur
Maybe getting better now but not visiting much.

I hear a lot of voices but mainly from my alters. When one of them is mean to me though I try to counter act it with something nice about myself. So for example

Voice: you’re stupid
Me: but I’m good at math

Voice: you’re ugly
Me: my eyeliner is flawless and I’m great

Not sure if this will help but its helped me a bit!

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