Old tech or New tech?

If you had to choose from old technology or new technology which would you?

Books vs. tv?
Computer vs radio and stereo?

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I would choose books and computers

Definitely new technology

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Ive always been a big fan of new technology but this has changed as ive gotten older. These days id rather read than watch tv and listen to the radio instead of messing around on a pc.

I prefer the new tech

I miss old cellphones. Those phones that slid up down down were awesome.

New tech with old aesthetics.

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I choose tv and computer

The millennial falcon :eagle:

This 100% 3.14159

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This will come as no surprise, for those having read a few of my posts. But old. Always old. I still say: back to horse and buggy, all of us. I think there is major charm in things like paper books, paper agenda’s, oldfashioned camera’s, handwritten letters.

I do need to wean myself off the laptop.

Books over TV and If there is a radio/stereo that covers education and entertainment I prefer that over computer.

I fully embrace new tech and love it.

However, I have a hobby of learning how to do things old fashioned, like 19th century way of doing things. Just in case. I also gather and use old fashioned, manual kitchen items.

Perfect knowledge in case of power outages, etc.

New tech all the way for me.

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