Vintage technology: 'It sounds so much cleaner'

I used to love these :frowning:

Is there any vintage tech that you miss?

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I miss making mix tapes. I used to make them for all my friends. One time I made a tape of Neil Young and other sad music and gave it to my boss. :joy:


Cars before backup cameras and all that ■■■■ was added. Too ■■■■■■■ much


I have to admit that i like my gas kettle instead of the electric one :slight_smile: and my record player is a nice thing to use.

anyone remember typewriters? i have a penchant for one of those but i’ll never get one haha, i would like one though, if i had a personal garden i’d like a cast iron stove and i could use it as a barbeque or sometthing, even an old school fire pit sounds nice.

One time i went to this place and there was an exhibit and i was tired so i sat in the exhibit and it was an old type small living room with fireplace and stuff it was nice and cosy but i was told i wasnt allowed to sit their, it was nice.


I love my reel to reel, but it’s such a pain in the arse to use that it mainly gets looked at these days. I don’t bother with cassettes now, either. They’re in storage. So are most of my CDs and DVDs. I don’t find that old stuff sounded that much better. New speaker tech is bloody amazing. Two Echo Dots and a sub stack up against my old Bose 901s for sure. I do run some stuff on my downstairs rig through a tube processor as I like that warm sound, but that’s about where my nostalgia tops out now.

Do I miss dirty vinyl, cue burn, and tape hiss? Nope. Skipping records and having to rewind? Hell to the nope.

I make the best damned 24/7 mix tape on the planet.



I just uploaded my monthly 2hr show and it took a lot of work, I wish i could just set my levels and do the whole show in a oner, i seem to be doing an awful lot of editing here :frowning:

I also played the last song on Vinyl :slight_smile: i like the sound of it and i’d like to get more tapes for my collection as well, modern tapes are nice.

I learned keyboarding on a typewriter in the 12th grade. 1976-77.


It is too much work, that’s why most stations are moving to remote voice tracking. Everything is pre-leveled on the server. You record and drop in your liners, hit save, and they go back up to the automation server properly spaced between your songs you’ve selected.

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is that the way you do it now?

Yes. Set up for it some years back.

I can do it remotely, even through a Web interface now.

Looks too technical for me and expensive, i sent a message to my station asking if they have any alternatives.

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