TV, no need

I have no TV at all. I do not need it. Nowadays the TV systems and regulations are different, but it was just few years ago when the TV permit inspector always arrived regularly and asked, if I had a TV. I never had, because I do not need it. Funnily, because he was so motivated to check always the TV permits, I should have asked him, if he had a bottle of liqour, maybe he could have sold a bottle.

Back in 1995 I read a book about the media convergence and soon after one person arrived in their efforts to influence me and said ‘you can not integrate TV and computer for entertainment and other’. Today I just use my laptop. In 1990 when I was at the business school in Michigan I completed a study of the HDTV, then this technology was nonexistent and today everybody uses it.

I am guilty of watching way too much tv. It fills the void in my day and evenings. And I have so many favorite shows. Like the walking dead, game of thrones, bates motel, American horror story. And of course the reruns of the golden girls and Roseanne that I watch to put me to sleep.

I used to read all day, but I haven’t found a good book in some time now. That’s definitely something I should get back into.



I listen a lot of music. I have a 180-song playlist I play every day. I enjoy music.

I enjoy music a lot too. I listen to my iPod while I’m taking my 5 mile walks during the day.

I also try to play piano for at least 1 hour per day. I enjoy gospel, classical, and some contemporary.

It lifts my spirits SO much.



What sort of books are you in to?

I like historical fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, anything medical.

I just haven’t found a book that can hold my attention in a while.

Once many years ago I was at the place of one man who was a police rat about whom I have discussed earlier. He served some coffee and then a man rang his bell. He wondered what was the person about. It was the TV permit inspector and he asked through the window if this man had a TV. He replied that he did not have, although his TV was playing something very loudly in his place. I wonder what the TV inspector wondered? These are some funny true stories.

I used to read also a lot in the past, but not any longer, because I am slowly losing my eye sight due to glaucoma. I have eye drops I need to use twice a day. There was a time when I really enjoyed reading.

My sis LOVES pirates and tall ships and sea tales… so she got me hooked on the historical fictions of

Patrick O’Brian and the entire Master and Commander series. The war between France and England.

O’Brian wrote Jack Aubry far better the Russell Crow played him.

O’Brian also lets Stephen (the excellent ships Surgeon) shine through as well. So there is Military gain from science.

There is some humor, ship battles, history… It’s an interesting mix. Some people move on and get promoted, some people die in battle… O’Brian tried to write it as real as one gets.

There are 21 in the series. Your library might have them.


When I lived in my auto in America from 2000 to 2002 I had no TV at all, but I often went to the University of Miami and watched their TV. Just before the Presidential election of 2000 I watched the debate between Joe Lieberman and Dick Cheney. I concluded that Dick Cheney was better, because Joe Lieberman was quite slow when he spoke. We know that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney won. Maybe it was because Dick Cheney was a better and faster speaker.