Old girlfriend texted me out of the blue

First time that’s happened since my break. God, I don’t want to tell her anything.

Do you think a normal non-educated person will react well to news of a psychotic break?

ive heard somewhere from someone that often the non educated understand better thats kind of problem than educated…
are you on zyprexa flame,you took some kilos nan? i took 25 kilos on zyprexa but i am so disconnected still from reality that this doesnt bothers me a lot…

That’s impossible to say. Even if I knew your old girlfriend I still wouldn’t know. What do you want from this contact? Are you thinking of resuming the relationship? How close were you before? If you want to pick up this relationship where you left off I would be careful about telling her of this. Maybe you can feel her out and elicit some type of idea of how she will respond.

I hope she doesn’t think I’m dangerous or something. I sent her some weird snapchats about a year ago when i was not doing well.

I’m on abilify. Zyprexa (curse the thing) I gained lots and lots of weight on.

We sound similar, I got real bad derealization and I’m still pretty out of touch.

She’s off at college now and I’m not looking for anything with anybody.

Sorry for the nondescriptive post.

Your last sentence. that’s probably what I’ll do, thanks.

yeap :slight_smile: i am mostly real bad paranoid right now. we ve should have got bad lifes,traumas i think…i spent 13 years before be treated,thats why i am quite desperate right now…
oh,you have a luck that she is seeking a contact from you,maybe you should try to see her and talk about your problem if you feel it :slight_smile:

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I don’t know, it depends on the person, the relationship and a host of other factors. it could depend on her previous experience with other mentally ill people which you may know nothing about. If she had a bad experience with another mentally ill person before, like they scared her or something it might affect how she treats you. And most people it seems only know about psychosis and schizophrenia from what they hear on the evening news or by sensational articles on the internet. I don’t want to scare you off from seeing her, like most things, you don’t know until you try.

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if she has a ’ heart ’ :heart: she will understand.
take care :alien:


If she’s your ex you need to think about why she’s your ex and if you want to deal with that again.


She can be a legit part of your recovery

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If she doesn’t understand, you’re better off. If she does, it’s great to be friends with an ex. Good luck

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Exactly what @Minnii said. If you liked her as a person, just don’t want to date again, exes can make the best friends.


A friend from the past can be a good thing…

You don’t have to tell her it was a psychotic break… if you want to… maybe wade in gently…

I’d say… at least open the door of communication as a friend…

Good luck.