I think I lost a good girl due to stupid disease

I was recently texting to this girl I meet, and now I dont think shes gonna reply to me anymore. She was my perfect woman, short, cute, smart, had a good personality. I haven’t been on medication and so my attitude has been shifty… good one minute, bad the next. I can tell she was getting agitated with some of my responses, and I wanted to tell her I have schizophrenia but I thought that would be too much. Well now I feel even worse than I think I would’ve if I told her.

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take a deep breath, and tell her how you feel, and if appropriate tell her that you have a mental illness…she could have been having a bad day .
as sz you might have misread the situation, it does happen.
have another go.
if it is meant to be it will be…at least you will know.
take care


I think I lost lots of girl die to this illness already

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During my high stress time, I was getting some sneaky brained thinking and I tried to break up with my new girlfriend… I think any other girl would have left and not come back.

But my girlfriend had an Uncle who is SZ and she could see by what I was saying, and how I was acting… that it wasn’t me doing the talking. (I was getting detached and flat with her)

So she just said, “Why don’t we back it off to just friends and see how you feel after this chaotic time?”

We’re still together… (very relieved) :relieved:


no, i dont think you lost her, its her loss and if she cant see what a nice person you are then thats not your fault,why dont you try saying something like ‘i’ve been having a bad time lately’ or ‘its been a bad day or week or whatever’ and see what she says, maybe she will come round,

i dont personally tell people that i have schiz and i wouldnt tell anyone i was wanting to date, personally i would wait for her to find out herself if anything, she would probably guess what with the medication and that if she was over anyway but i would still just say it was for depression, i would not let sz come inbetween me and a possible relationship. i have been stable for a while now tho so maybe its different.

hope it works out anyway and if you cannot make it right with her i hope you can find someone else x

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Let me quickly tell you about my fiance. About a year ago we started being in each others lives and she knew that have schizophrenia. Weeks went by trying to be together but always ending up apart as she insisted that we just be friends. I tried hard to respect her wishes, though it was painful. I felt that things with her would NEVER progress but they did. They did because I swallowed the pain of waiting and just being friends with someone I loved so much, staying in touch not so often. Then as time went on, we slowly started becoming more and more like we were in a relationship. This happened because we just LET THINGS HAPPEN as they happened. I was convinced most of the time that we would never be together, that I was too ill for her. But ultimately, almost an entire year later, we got engaged and now we live together.

If things don’t work out between you two, just know that there are billions of people on this planet and there is one for you that WILL truly be for you. That someone could be this girl you are talking about, just don’t give up hope and keep love in your heart. If it turns out to not be this girl, you will find the right one. I promise. I’ve been there.

Cheers mate!


I would never assume that someone could tell I was Sz. I once dated a girl for 6 months. I TOLD her I was Sz pretty early on. After 6 months, I had a psychotic break and she was VERY shocked. She said, “Wait, you have SZ. You really have it” then she left.

She thought I was joking for 6 months and even though we were close… she had NO IDEA I was even on meds. Not very observant… that girl.


i wouldnt want her to know anyway lol, i’d try and keep it from her i guess if i found anyone lol

If I “had” a girl, I would end the relationship immediately. Even if someone could handle my outrageous claims to normal day events, I don’t think I could handle my thinking driving me away from them. In my case, it would be insane to attempt it, but idk.