Old friends ignoring me feeling terrible

It is breaking my heart. I try to contact my old friends by calling and texting and unless I do it “publicly” on facebook, I get completely ignored and if they do respond they are too busy to hang out with me. I feel terrible and like a waste of space. I know my family still loves me and likes to see me. But I miss having friends that want to hang out with me.

When I started loosing old friends I thought it was purely Sz related as well. Some of them I lost because I don’t drink or do drugs any more and they have no reason to hang with me since I’m not using any more. A few came back now that I have quit drinking.
I know you feel horrid now, but in time some just might come back. I hope the best for you. It might be time to think of spreading you’re net and opening up to the possibility of meeting new people.

everyone is busy at this time, its probably that, its hard for me to spend time even with my sister just now but thats not because she doesnt want to,

Yeah I know that feeling it sucks to find out that’s the only reasone people want to hang out. A few have stayed friends with me since I quit drinking, but most just disappeared. I had someone say to me, wow i completely forgot that you even existed, when I saw them this summer. Not something I want to hear. And daydreamer, this is not the only time of year I’ve been trying to contact people, this has been happening for years.
I guess I should just try making new friends like you said. But its hard, even when I tried to make friends at my group for people with mental illness I found that people just don’t like to be around me and would rather spend time with other people. They would hang out after groups and not invite me. I keep having to ask myself what is so wrong with me?! Then paranoia takes hold and I go crazy.

we will be friends withyou mcxmac. I know how you feel. :slight_smile:


Don’t feel bad
ps. that’s not my hand writing by the way :smile:


That’s awesome! Thank you. I just need to keep telling myself that. It’s hard to when ppl don’t try to get ahold of you anymore and it feels like they don’t care. I wish it was easier to meet new people that are real

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I can relate. It’s been about 2 years since my old friends have talked to me. They are obviously avoiding me. They used to have friends of friends tell me they are too busy. Now I only have a few friends left that I talk to once in a while and don’t live near me. Like I said, I can relate. No one is constantly too busy for 2 years to give a call or a quick response to a facebook message. especially the people who honestly were my best friends. It’s kind of sad, but my mother tells me they probably just don’t know how to handle someone with my condition. And I kind of understand. Schizophrenia can really weed out your true friends and supporters are. Luckily I talk on the phone a couple times a week to the three friends I have. But yes, losing friends is tough.

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