Olanzapine and Alcohol

I recently just got put onto Olanzapine, is it safe to drink alcohol occasionally? and if so, at what amounts? I have read that it can be unsafe and reverse effects of the medication (or worsen your disorder)

how true is this?

It is somewhat safe to drink occasionally but you should drink in moderation. It can worsen your schizophrenia symptoms so the best thing would be not to drink at all.

My pdoc said alcohol is a nono.

I’ve been drinking and taking zyprexa for a year or so but lately I’ve started to feel woozy and feeling weird in the head, I stopped drinking and the problem went away. Probably not a good idea. I also notice you only get a minor buzz mixing alcohol and zyprexa. In all it’s not worth it.

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Its best not to mix alcohol with APs - thats your safest bet.

Best to avoid alcohol completely, but if you must drink, limit your consumption as much as possible. Absolutely do NOT drive or perform any dangerous task while under the influence of both:


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Even better - of course :smile:

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You could probably go out get drunk once a month and be ok

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Or maybe every two or three months the longer better

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