Olanzapine 3.75 mg

Day 3 of reducing Olanzapine from 5mg to 3.75mg and I have my enthusiasm and Joy back.

Having pleasurable conversations and actually smiling for real.

I think that this shows that in my case the negative symptoms are medication related.

Now I have to decide whether to go back up to 5mg or continue on and risk a possible relapse. Which I don’t want to happen.

Life is pleasurable again though, so I’m not sure.

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Hope that you don’t get return of symptoms
But could it not be antidepressants increase making u better

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I’m feeling that it’s an increase in dopamine, but think I will go back up to 5mg and find out.

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Decided to take the 5mg Olanzapine again. Really have had the best couple of days on 3.75 though and hope that I continue to feel this way.

Feeling a little bit flatter now, not sure if I’m imagining it though.

Before taking the tablet I was having a strong tingling sensation in my body and mind. This has gone now….

Hopefully that’s not the start of a relapse and more the body producing more dopamine.

Music is less pleasurable today, but feeling more like myself still. Thinking I’ll take 5mg today.

Wow that’s so low. Im maxed out on Clozapine, and take Ziprasidone as well. Im glad you were able to experience these things. Hope this will continue for you.

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Thank you very much…. I’m still hoping on a complete recovery even though I know it’s a risk.

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