Complete recovery

I’ve now been on 5mg Olanzapine for around 16 months.

I feel as though I’m virtually completely recovered. In some respects I am a better person then I was before my psychotic episodes. I’m calmer, nicer, more relaxed and caring towards others.

I do however suffer from a lack of empathy, and my emotions are slightly muted. Which is something I’ve come to view as a benefit.

I’m working full time, I have my own house and pets. I’m going to the gym regularly and see my son, family and friends regularly. I also have many dating options and a new car.

If I choose I can reduce my dose of Olanzapine from 5mg to 2.5 mg. I’m not sure if I should do this though as what do I have to gain?


That’s amazing news.

I know what you mean. Except my emotions seem to be non existent!

I’d be very slow to change the winning formula (5mg), and If it were me, I’d stick with it.


5mgs is almost a sub clinical dose. I’m down on 7.5mgs but get the odd breakthroughs so it’s as low as I am willing to go. Talk to your doctor but I’d be unwilling to change if your stable and doing well.



I have habit of always wanting more, but should remember that what I have now was all that I ever wanted when I was I’ll.

I’m lucky in that I do still feel pleasure.

I think that I will play safe and guard what I have now


Spunds like you are doing well. Id just stay put. You dont want to lose it all.


I’m the same. I still get occasional breakthrough symptoms one of which is insomnia. The insomnia bothers me the most with the frequent sleepless night.

Anyway if it weren’t for that, I’d be as good as punch.

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