Olanzapine Reduction

Feeling to reduce my Olanzapine from 5mg to 2.5mg or come off medication completely.

I’ve had two episodes of psychosis and managed five months before relapse last time.

Hoping I will be okay this time round.

Just want to feel alive again.


Good luck to you


Thank you…. Doubt the CPN will agree though

CPN says wait for four months and then she’s willing to reduce my Olanzapine with all being well.


@Luke83 i have lowered my seroquel from 500mg to 100mg … i walk on trademill and do deep breathing excercise


That’s really good news glad it’s going well


If psychotic symptoms are your only problem quitting olanzapine consider yourself lucky.

I was on 40mg and it took me 4 years to slowly reduce my dosage and I had all kinds of weird withdrawal effects that made the experience excruciatingly brutal, I preferred hearing voices than what I went through coming off Olanzapine. I still have horrible insomnia since quitting, its my last withdrawal symptom. I’ve been completely off olanzapine for about 2 months now.

I am on 60mg of Lurasidone now, which is a much better medication for me, it works far better for my psychosis without all the side effects of Olanzapine.

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I hope there are no problems at all. Desperate for a chance to get away with this illness and move on with my life.

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Decided I can’t wait for four months. I’m going to reduce to 3.75 if I have the courage.

Don’t experiment with meds !

Discuss it with your pdoc first.

I’m not seeing him for a month, I can’t wait that long.

Why is it so urgent? Can you make an earlier appointment rather than going rogue?

I’ve just had enough of how I feel.

What is it specifically about how you are feeling that’s so problematic? I’m also currently on 5mg olanzapine.

Maybe you need increased dose to make you feel better

Just don’t feel alive anymore

Felt worse on a higher dose. Just want to get back to normal

I don’t know that such a low dose would have such an extreme impact. Is it possible that your psychological aversion to the drug is more powerful than the drug itself?!

Yeah could be possible or could be negative symptoms of the illness.

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I know I don’t feel myself/ feel normal, but I don’t think it’s the olanzapine - I think I’ve changed significantly since getting unwell. It’s a tough thing to accept I know, but dropping down on olanzapine might not change anything. I get that at higher doses there are impacts (sedation etc.), I just doubt there are any really significant ones at such a low dose. You seem a bit obsessive about coming off the drug, but it might do you good to let go of that a bit and try following medical advice.

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