New Plan From CPN

My CPN has said she will agree for me to try and come off of Olanzapine in 4 months.

She feels it is to soon now.

Also, she doesn’t see the point of reducing to 2.5mg from and says I should just come off.

I disagree with this and will push to move down to 2.5mg. I will probably even go down to 1.25mg after that!

I’d be interested in anyones opinion please?

Also I would have been on aps for around 17 months at that point.


If its working - why are you pissing around with it?

I would leave it alone if i were you. If your a full blown Schizophrenic - its gonna bite you in your arse. And yes im very pro meds.


I want to feel alive again, I miss the feeling of dopamine.

I know it’s highly likely I’ll relapse but I don’t know that I’m schizophrenic yet for sure. But having two episodes is a strong indication.

I just want my life to go back to normal, which it probably won’t and I’ll end up worse off.

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The newer 3rd generation of anti-psychotics shouldnt actually make you feel “flat”, if thats what you mean by lack of dopamine.

The negatives i think your speaking of, is from the illness, not the the medication.

Just be careful. And be very aware of your mental health if your reducing.

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What is your CPN’s plan to monitor you? Have you done any work around relapse prevention?


I’m on 5mg Olanzapine, when I reduced to 3.75 mg for a week I could feel all of my emotions and a sense of excitement, and alertness return. I felt very normal but was anxious about relapsing.

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If you get that over a period of a couple of months - i would agree with you.

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We haven’t discussed that yet she’s useless tbh, but I have done work on my triggers with a therapist.

I will also ask her to put a monitoring plan in place!

I’m hoping that by reducing to 2.5mg rather then just coming off I’ll be able to pick up on a relapse and hopefully go back up.

Being anxious about dropping meds has actually triggered a relapse for me in the past.

If you’re hell bent on doing this, try and get rid of that thinking, as it’s counter productive.

Try and remember your goals for doing this, and don’t let panic set in from it

It’s a serious stumbling block for sure

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Your body your meds your decision. Just make sure the safety net is there for you just incase you lose insight in the worst case scenario


Thank you and I definitely will make sure I have a safety net in place and try to be as calm as possible.

If I relapse again I’ll accept it’s for life and once I’m stabilised I’ll work on staying on medication and making the best of it and hopefully work myself back to 5mg Olanzapine

To be honest your on quite a low dose anyway mate. Just dont muck around with it too much - or you may find it stops working. And then you will be knackered.

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Yeah true, I will give it this one last go and then probably regret it and work my way back to where I am if I can.

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The last time I came off I was in a stressful relationship and was having problems and arguments at work with family members.

I was also growing weed illegally, but didn’t smoke any.

This time I’m out of the relationship, no longer working with family. And things are settled at work.

And I will never put myself under the pressure of growing weed again.

So I’m hoping with less stress I’ll be okay

Mate, you only been on it, what 7 months? Ive been told to give it at least a year.

Thing is - when you start pratting around with your meds, you develop a tolerance to them and they stop working. And then the cycle begins where your on countless others but still make the same mistake of dicking about with them.

5mg aint alot - but i would stay on that. They aint no silver bullet either. With Schizophrenia the onus is on you to develop proper coping mechanisms to go alongside them.

That tablet is not going to guarantee your gonna have a good day.

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I’ve been on it 11 months now and will be 17 months once I’m allowed to try and come off.

I definitely get what you’re saying though and know you’re most likely right.

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I have never felt more alive off meds. Lost some weight while being off them as well. Finally able to cry and laugh while watching shows like demon slayer

There’s actually a paradoxical study where the longer you stay on antipsychotic, the higher the chance of relapse when you go off them,I can link the multiple studies here

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That’s what I want to feel the joys of being alive.

I have read that length of time on aps doesn’t have much bearing on relapse.

I know that I will probably relapse though.

But I have to take the chance. I will do it with the support of the medical team though and not on my own.

Yeah link the studies please

That’s awful advice. You should reduce very gradually. It is strongly associated with a better outcome.

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They do cause emotional numbess and negative symptoms. Their side effect profiles are largely similar to older antipsychotics.

@Luke83 olanzapine in particular is known for causing flatness and negative symptoms. If you can’t successfully quit then I think you should ask to try a different med.

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