Okay Seriously, Fortune Cookie

Something I have struggled with on/off for as long as I can remember is assigning special meaning to things, basically reference problems that sometimes evolve into paranoia, from what I have read.

But sometimes some things in life make this particularly tempting, those really uncanny moments.

The first one I can remember was when I was a kid, about 12, and we had tornadoes where we lived. I was home alone with my brother, and the weather became really violent. I broke one of my favorite CDs in half (which is actually a lot harder than it would seem when you’re doing it with your hands) as a “sacrifice” to whatever higher powers there might be, in exchange for protecting us. Well later on the news, it showed the path of destruction this tornado had torn up, and the tornado had lifted up, passed over our neighborhood, and then touched down on the other side and kept going. I mean talk about convincing.

But it’s still risky thinking, because sometime sin retrospect, there won’t have been even that much evidence before my mind ran wild with something.

Well I had one of the moments today, one of the uncanny coincidence moments that made me outright laugh.

I’m currently trying to get in to a see psychiatrist because some of my symptoms have started flaring a bit over the past few weeks. Lately I’ve been up all night, getting lost in reading things I probably shouldn’t, having weird and uncomfortable mental experiences, etc. I’ve been teetering around wondering if I am mentally ill or if I really am being harassed by demons or something similar.

Well my mother and her husband ordered Chinese takeout for dinner tonight, everyone got a fortune cookie. I just went and grabbed mine from the kitchen to open and eat it. Like I almost always do in that sort of situation, I started assigning meaning to it before even opening it. Sometimes it’s just a gut feeling of like, “This is going to be important, pay attention.” Sometimes this can be over something as trivial as which song will play next in a shuffled playlist.

It says: “Your judgement is a little off at this time. Rely on friends.”

I couldn’t help it I pretty much laughed my *** off. Thanks, universe.


I use radio tarot.

When I want to know what’s going on in my life, I turn on the radio. I know all the old songs. And the songs speak to me.

Going without proper sleep is a sign I’m in trouble.


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I opened a fortune cookie about two years ago and it said, “You will win a million dollars in the lottery”. An hour later I was walking down the street and I found a quarter on the street. It’s uncanny how accurate those fortune cookies are. It’s a little scary too. I guess there are forces working in the universe that the common man was not meant to understand.

Same for me, on the sleep thing. I would venture a guess that at some point every time I have problems, over half of them are caused by the sleep deprivation alone.

How does one get to sleep?


Honestly best luck I ever had was in using binaural beats, big pair of headphones, find a video on youtube and turn up the volume, lying in the dark on the floor with a blanket over my face. I think it may be more of an anti-anxiety thing that then allows for sleep, for me. Doesn’t always work based on what is keeping me up, and sometimes I won’t even be in the frame of mind to remember to try it. But generally I find it fairly distracting and hypnotic.

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Haha I always check my fortune cookies and expect it’s going to say something major. I just had chinese today actually and I’m holding out to see if the message in my cookie will come to fruition. Otherwise, I think it was taunting me…

Well be sure to update on how it goes lol.

I do know someone who got the best one ever. He was on a date and his fortune cookie said, “The love of your life is sitting in front of you.” The translated word on the other side of the slip was “ginger” as in the plant, but his date was a redhead. They are now happily married years later and he still has that fortune cookie paper in his wallet.

Wow that sounds amazing.

Actually it just happened. I don’t remember what exactly it said word for word, but something along the lines of expecting a surprise.

Well, I was surprised and why exactly I was surprised I’ll just leave a mystery. I’m contented with the result.

What a tease!

Glad you are content with how it went, though. : )

As long as you don’t think you can break CD’s in half instead of going to a shelter, I wouldn’t be alarmed. I remember a time when a horoscope was uncannily apropos of my situation. I’d been on an emotional binge and I was acting very giddy. I was in this coffeehouse, and I saw a newspaper folded up next to me, with my horoscope (Capricorn) in my view. It said, “Everything in the cosmos is practically begging you to sedate that part of the mind sometimes called the ‘monkey mind’.” That seemed too close to reality for me. There have been other strange coincidences like that. I think about them sometimes, but I don’t put too much weight on them. You can get lost doing that.