Do you have certain visionary pictures in your head?

A part of my unusual beliefs - I always had certain images in my head - other than psychosis. But Had certain extreme intuition growing up and doing things - and through the years, most have become reality - my thoughts and feelings.

I have a few pictures that I have not accomplished yet - so this is what is giving me a very good motivation to just follow my crazy intuition.

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I have aphantasia, so no. No weird images in my head. But if I close my eyes, I see a bunch of shadow men nearby me, circling me. It’s creepy.

that’s good to know. at least you are aware that is not real :wink:

I get into trouble every time I don’t trust my intuition.

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hahaha =) yeah we will die anyway!!!

I definitely have good intuition from time to time. I see it most in regards to my digestion. Usually I have to eat a very boring diet due to a very sensitive stomach, but sometimes I get a strong message that feels like it comes from the heavens and it tells me “go ahead eat that”. My stomach digests it smoothly every time.

that’s not even funny.

Well it’s a true story, so…

I’m not sure I follow.

I know there were a few times when I would try to imagine some place (for story purposes) and then years later we would move into that place (or it would look very similar).

I have very graphical imagination and I feel like my life has been a rollercoaster of adventure and misery.
Things I pictured - such as dreams and visions kids have - I accomplished most.

Some stupid stuff and some unusual stuff and just intuitive stuff.

that’s funny, bro. lol lol.

Intuition is interesting. makes me who I am.