Ok so this is something

what exactly did i write that was so bad?

the reason for my recent suspension was ‘Intentionally hurting others’

how did i hurt other people? i dont even know how to hurt people, why would i hurt people?

i dont believe that i have ever written anything hurtful, i have never tried to write anything hurtful, so why was i judged to be intentionally hurting people?

and you say i am intentionally looking for sympathy or something, you hurt me not the other way around.

why is this even an issue?


I don’t know why you want to hurt people, but you keep posting maliciously religious things even after being told it hurts people. Therefore, I can only assume you either do it to hurt people, or you just don’t care when people get hurt.


do you want to talk about this or just ignore this issue and continue suspending me bc i honestly have no idea what you are talking about

We have all talked about it with you countless times. I’m done talking about it. Follow the rules or be suspended. It’s your choice. But we will not change our minds and suddenly let you use your religion to hurt others.


i do follow the rules, why the heck would i want to hurt people? tell me that?

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We don’t allow religious discussions on this site. This for a couple of reasons. First, it tends to cause arguments, because for some reason people can’t seem to just respect each other’s different religious beliefs. Second, many folks suffer from religious delusions. It is one of the top three topics of delusion, alongside aliens and government conspiracies. We don’t allow discussions on those topics, either. Third, there are many members here who were subjected to exorcisms by family members who, sadly, did not understand their illness. Those memories can be very traumatic for those individuals, and they don’t need to be reminded of them.

I hope you can understand, and help keep this a safe place for everyone. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Volunteer moderator.


I bolded the parts that you seem to keep forgetting. When you post about religion here, you’re hurting people. If you continue to do so, the only reason must be that you don’t care about hurting people.


i don’t hurt people and i dont post religious content, when have i ever quoted anything from the bible or tried to convert people, you talk about people getting hurt, i was on the brink last week bc of you guys.

what have i ever done that is so bad?

i dont believe i have ever broken the rules here :frowning:
like why would i break the rules anyway? i am here for support

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(Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)


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why are you laughing?

the only time i broke the rules was on the old forum when i thought it would be funny to have a ‘chocolate’ desert and pretend it was poo and i apologised for that as it was not in good taste ‘pardon the pun’

Because I’m REALLY enjoying not being a moderator right now!



I was online on this forum when you did your “poo desert and shake” and I still get enraged when I think about it…why did I have to see those pictures…I don’t trust your religion beliefs enough to say I wish you wouldn’t fight the moderators…they have just reasons I’m sure to get you suspended if they did suspend you.

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When you post religious content here in a non-recovery oriented way,

You hurt people.

People like me.

Now quit being a drama queen and annoying everyone with this useless thread.


I don’t know whether this is deliberate on Daydreamer’s part or lack of insight as to the effect of his actions. This is a regular ,recurring theme for sure.


guys, i dont want to bother the mods but they have a problem with me,

in regards to religious content, i honestly don’t think i have ever posted anything negative and especially not religious content,

have you ever seen me post bible quotes? or try to convert people?

why would i want to cause trouble anyway thats not why i am here.

One example. There are countless others.


I stolen this from @velociraptor 's pocket :slight_smile:



Jedi, I agree with these guidelines and I believe I have stuck to them, it’s the heavy-handedness of the mods I don’t agree with, mods don’t use these guidelines they use their own judgement,

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Indulge your need to discuss religious matters somewhere like http://www.religionforums.org/ . That way you’ll avoid the wrath of the moderators and won’t upset posters here.


I don’t have a need for religious discussion, you talk like all I talk about is religion which is rubbish, I have my own opinions but I don’t push them on people.