Suspended for a week for nothing

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you may think that i was intentionally triggering people but i wasnt, i would never intentionally trigger anyone and i dont believe that i am mean spirited actually the opposite if you must know, i wrote it with the best intentions and i wrote ‘hope this doesnt trigger’ bc i genuinely do hope that it doesnt, i wanted to share something that helps me to recover from this illness, its somewhere that i find support and it helps me through life, it helped me immensely when my dad died and it keeps my head above the water,

if anyone here is mean spirited it is definitely not me, i cant believe you suspended me for a third time over something so trivial, its like you have a personal vendetta against me or something, i have been coming here for years and never came across such bad moderating,
i want to know what @SzAdmin thinks about this, does he support your decision? if it was dugal then it would be different, bring back dugal thats what i say.

btw i’d like to make a complaint about one of the mods, how do i do that? i tried to email but no-one cares, they just ignore my emails

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@Resilient1 You know that religious talk is a contentious area here. It’s not as though that hasn’t been explained to you before. No one is denying you your right to your religion but please consider finding an alternate venue for your religious outpourings. One where people are not going to be triggered .


i see you are on their side, its not like i am trying to preach i wanted to share something that improves and helps me to recover, what is so bad about that? its not my fault people get triggered by it

and tbh i dont even know if they do bc for all i know its just an excuse to try and get rid of me and they may well do that, permanently, they are just haters, haters suck.

I am not on anyone’s side. It just seems this is a repeat scenario for you ,and all that will happen if you continue is you will be suspended for longer and longer periods.
There are surely other venues you can discuss how much religion has helped you.

No one wants to get rid of you. It’s just you need to curb the religious posts.

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its just who i am, i am not overly religious, i am a Christian but i do not preach, i just spoke about something in my life that has made a positive impact on me, idk why people are so against it, i feel picked on and like i am getting bullied

This is exactly what preachers do, it is not a bad thing but for some people here it is bad to hear about these topics. :slight_smile:

You’re a good guy, daydreamer, but please stop making threads about church and Christianity. When we’ve explained it to you so many times, and you still don’t listen, you’re not giving us much of a choice. I have to close this thread, but I hope you have a good morning!