OK, it's true, I'm a troll and I faked it all along

I might sound like a troll, I might even look like a troll, but don’t be fooled, I am a troll. I’m so ashamed of myself right now. You’ve got to be crazy not to believe that I’m a troll.

If you are really a troll and faked it all along, you should be banned. But I don’t believe you are a troll and faked it.


That makes sense.

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To me, a troll is someone who comes in hard on a controversial topic in order to cause a heated argument. Don’t worry about being a troll. If you really were a troll someone would have pointed it out.

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If he came in and pretended to have schizophrenia just to cause heated arguments, he should be banned. We don’t want fakers here.

That being said, based on his posts, I don’t believe he faked it.

I haven’t really followed this situation. I’m the type that if something isn’t making sense I just skip over it. It’s not like he made fun of a genocide, or something like that.

Yeah, but we don’t even allow relatives of SZ on this board. It’s for sz, sza and other mental illnesses only. It isn’t for normies, families of sz , sza or anyone else.

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