Ohhhh my gooood

So I talked with a nurse today about xyrem and mentioned how it makes me feel very “out of it” to put it mildly and that it didn’t make me feel sleepy and she said that was totally normal because of the low dose I’m on. Once I’m at the full therapeutic dose she said I should just fall asleep right away and not have the weird high & horny period. (Not that I mentioned the libido thing lol)

But I have to be on this low dose for a full week :confused: I’m mildly concerned because it’s like i can understand why this drug was abused before it was highly regulated as it does make me feel very high/loopy/happy and I was concerned when I was looking forward to it today. Probably because I am depressed right now. I hope that the craziness improves as the week goes on. I may cease taking the med if it does not knock me out quickly at higher doses just because I am concerned about the effects it has on me and addiction potential otherwise.

I feel it kicking in now. Ugh…sorry if I make any other weird posts tonight. It makes me very uninhibited to put it mildly. I will try to limit my posting or go off like I did last night.

Summary: Was concerned about addiction potential because xyrem basically makes me feel high, but nurse said it’s normal @ lower doses & this should stop once I’m at the dose that actually knocks me out, but it takes a week to get to this dose, sorry if I make any weird posts on here in that time I’ll try to avoid doing so


Hey Anna. How did you sleep last night?

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Poorly. Woke up constantly and sleep was not restful at all. I really hope at higher doses this works for me.

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