First night on xyrem kind of crazy

So the starting dose isn’t really enough to make me sleepy at all (which I was told may be the case) but it did have the interesting effect of making me INCREDIBLY EMOTIONAL. Oh my lord I was going between hard laughing to sobbing. So much crying last night just out of nowhere. You take 2 doses at night because it wears off really fast and it was interesting seeing the same thing happen and then chill out as the dose wore off. Also in the beginning it makes me feel sort of warm but then later I get cold idk.

Anyways. So much crying. At least it was cathartic. It doesn’t make me sleepy really at all at this dose though so I had to take seroquel with it. I’m eager to move up to the next dose so I don’t have to deal w the moodiness and hopefully just pass out.

Oh that’s awful.

Hope you feel better. Tell your doc. I hate getting emotional like that.

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