Off meds and doing well

Hi all…so I have great news. I’ve been off meds for 24 hours, and everything is running like a well-oiled machine. I was off meds successfully from age 18-26. I’m doing it again. So far so good!

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Good for you. Congratulations.

Hi Alien, is this going to be a permanent thing? or are you in between meds - I wish you all the best whatever you decide

Hi Wave, it’s a permanent thing/

I wish you all the best buddy - things could work out for you Im sure

Be sure to be aware of, and watch for, early signs of relapse:

A relapse is when the symptoms of schizophrenia worsen after a person in treatment has been feeling and acting better for a period of time. Some early warning signs that someone you care for may be headed for a relapse that may result in hospitalization include:

Restless sleep
Feeling tense or fearful
Difficulty concentrating
Acting agitated, irritable, or quick-tempered
Difficulty or inability to cope with simple, everyday tasks
Excessive tiredness and lack of energy
Loss of interest in activities
Confusion or disordered thinking
Reappearance or worsening of psychotic symptoms, such as delusions or hallucinations

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well done…I rarely take meds and Im not a believer in them. You’ll do better off them and you’ll have less negative symptoms.

i am really happy for you.
i have not been on meds for twenty years, and even then i was only on them for less than 6 months, still have all the symptoms, but a good diet and vitamins and keeping away from all triggers helps…
take care