Think i dont need meds anymore

i went 3 days without meds now and literally no symptons came back i think i recoverd completely anybody else got this?

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it took months for symptoms to come back for me

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The meds will probably still be in your system. Things will go seriously south in about a month.


yeah maybe i shoudnt be too entusiastic about this i should be realistic but i havent heard voices in months

There is a honeymoon period after quitting meds where everything is fine. There is no way to know exactly when it will end, so psychosis and other symptoms can sneak up on you. Or you can have a sudden break.

Please go back on your meds.


Yeah go back on your meds.
It took me approx. 1 week before I went nuts but it can take months.

It’s not worth it.

I spent a long time messing with my meds. It just caused more pain for all involved, and I just kept on relapsing until now the last 2 years I have acceptance that I need the tablets for the moment to function properly.

I am psychosis free now for two years thanks to 800mg Amisulpride a day.

You need to get a doctors approval if you want to come off, as it needs to be done in a safe way.

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yeah what the hell am i doing lol thanks for the answers.

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You sound like I have right before every bad relapse.


I’m glad your symptoms are down but I wouldn’t start celebrating just quite yet. Three days does not really prove anything. I’ve seen enough people go off their medication and they may last a week without any symptoms or a month or even 6 months but the overwhelming majority relapse and need to go back on them.

A common thing with many people is they get psychotic, than diagnosed, than put on meds. Then they feel better and think their "cured_ and think they don’t need medication and end up relapsing. What they don’t realize is it’s the meds that are making their symptoms less and without that medication their symptoms will come back.


yeah a relapse is definately a worse case escenario i would be hearing robot voices all over again.

The energy sap is the worst when i quit. It felt like i was full zombie for awhile. I never fully recovered from the pills.

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I got psychosis and was hospitalized by 4 cops after just a little over a year. A member here had psychosis after 4-5 years of stopping meds. Meds often stop working by then and we need a higher dose and/or a stronger ap like Clozapine.

Whenever I’ve quit my meds I’ve always regretted it later down the line. The symptoms will return without medication. Like a bridge without support beams - things will collapse inevitably. Try it if you genuinely believe you will be fine, but chances are in 2 months or so you’ll be wanting to go back on them.

It depends on the med. For me missing just 2 doses of rexulti I get symptoms again but when I went off risperidone it took 2 weeks and then I had a huge explosion of symptoms.

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I don’t even get a honeymoon period. I feel fine but everyone else knows I haven’t taken my meds. We’re not reliable judges of whether or not our meds are working. I say go back on your meds before you end up destabilizing.

It took me 5 months to hear voices again after dropping meds. Now i’ve raised them more than before.

its only a matter of time that you will relapse if you stop meds…experienc e has taught me that much


Uh oh? I tried the no med thing and well eeks. It was not a pretty sight for me. Goodluck and stay safe. Sometimes the drugs make us feel better just saying.

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