Off the meds

Anyone out there thats been diagnosed with schizophrenia and been on the meds for few months with no symptoms or voices for two months feel like going of the meds… I think Im healed. and i dont want to take meds anymore … any advice for going of medication

Sounds risky to me. Usually the meds are needed long-term. I would talk to the pdoc about this.

My advice is don’t do it. I once thought I was cured, and I stopped taking my meds. For a couple weeks, I felt absolutely amazing. Then, I crashed hard and ended up back in the hospital. I had to start taking the meds again, but they didn’t work as well as they did the first time around. Now, I have to be on a much higher dose just to have the same effect as last time. Whenever you go off your meds and relapse, you are less likely to respond to meds as well in the future. Count yourself lucky that you’re doing so well now, and keep taking your meds. They are the only reason you feel so good now.


Don’t. Do. It.

So let me get this straight. You took meds for several months with good results. So your proposed solution is to stop taking meds. :confused:


What they said…your not healed…it just means you found a good med for you…

I went off meds for like three days, it was fun and also excruciatingly painful, that was to clear my system and go on a new med. Now I did enjoy just being on one med for a while, then I got ■■■■■■ up again and now I take too many pills again.

I actually just got on 2mg haldol, it is making me vegetative, and I should be studying and working out, so it is gonna have to get cut back. Haldol is powerful at 1mg. Well, I need the other med for PTSD. I dunno, I agree with the notion that being so medicated that we have zero symptoms but also zero emotions and being comatose like I am now is not as healthy as taking just enough major tranquilizer to get by and get by pretty quickly with a spring in the step.

dont go off them, just ask about cutting back to less- it is a balancing act between insane and lobotomized

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If the meds got you to a point of none to little symptoms, stay the hell on them.

Otherwise I’d tamper off in a very education thorough decision, and good manner/plan.

Other then that look I’d look for medicine for negative symptoms

Prefrontal sarcosine diet ETC

Like others have said- don’t do it, the reason you are doing so well is because you found meds that work for you. You are not healed. If you go off your meds you will certainly become symptomatic again, and if the doctors are able to get you back to stability there is no guarantee that you will get back to the same level of functioning you are at now. I realize it sucks to think you’ll be on meds the rest of your life, but going off of them is playing with fire.

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You don’t heal from schizophrenia. It’s not a wound and medication isn’t just some bandage you can slap on it and then rip off when it’s healed.

I understand that the meds suck hardcore. So I guess you need to weigh what sucked more, your life with your illness off medication or your life on it.