Odd perception day

Past couple days been a little strange. Its probably a bit of dissociation.

I kept envisioning things before they happened. Like if i was walking to the washroom id automatically see myself already end up in the washroom. Or about to get up to the fridge and id see myself walk over and open it before im there.

Its been distracting and making me unfocused for sure.

Then id think something already happened when it didnt or forget what had happened.

On my walk it Felt like a robot was using my eyes to surveillance the area and my movements were robotic. Then my body felt like it was being moved around by it as well.

Also everything is incredibly vivid in color andjust how things look geometrically.

Typical glitchy brain. Its weird cuz im not stressed out or anything. I guess thats just very mild psychotic symptoms. No auditory hallucinations though so thats good.

Hopefully itll move on its merry way soon.


Kinda like deja vu?

I experienced that before though never since being on meds. Maybe its sz not sure.

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I have felt like a robot being controlled too, i get the vivid colors and details when manic.

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Your experience of getting there before you’ve moved might be your mind practicing. Sometimes, if we doubt we can do something, we rehearse it in our minds. I know it sounds simple to walk to the washroom or the fridge, but we szs have to learn that sometimes we doubt the simplest things. Anyway, I doubt simple things a lot due to getting old, as well. So I think I have experienced what you are experiencing. So, as a child will doubt, also.


Not really, more like being disoriented

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Sounds like you need to tell this to your pdoc. I hope you feel better soon

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Hope you feel better soon. Sorry you’ve been having a couple off days.

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How are you doing?

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Oh, I didn’t know we celebrated that today. How come I didn’t get it off work?

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Im feeling decent. Still a little strange so i went to sleep at at 630pm and woke at 645am lol.

Havent done the ole 12 hour sleep in a while. It didnt help but it felt like I lived 3 different lives in my vivid lucid dreams :laughing::laughing:

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Lol @ 3 different lives… sounds like a good time lol… sleep helps a lot… gives the brain much needed rest.

Glad you are feeling better… Hope you’re having a good day…

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Haha yes thank you. Hope you have a good day too :blush:

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