Oculogyric crisis (eyes rolling)

I have this strange condition where my eyes would roll upwards. It’s caused by Abilify and occurs a couple of times a month, usually late at night and when i’m on my computer and reading. It’s treated with Biperiden (Akineton), which usually works within two hours. Does anyone else have this condition? I would like to hear experiences and how you cope with it.

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I got this when I took Haldol. It was very severe but luckily I was in the hospital then and they gave me a benedryl injection which worked within ten minutes. Now I take abilify, I do not have this symptom and I take benzotropine 1mg to prevent it.

I take abilify 5 since 1 year ago.
I have exactly the same oculogyric crisis.
Tomorrow i’ll start invega 3 mg.
Hoping the best. :slight_smile: