Occupational therapy interview today


Have an interview today I’m not sure if anyone remembers me talking about me applying. i am having second thoughts about doing it but I’ll decide after the interview :smile:


Good luck. I hope it works out how you want it to.


I never understood this term, despite its commonality. What is occupational therapy?


Ish, I know with how hard it’s been and how much you’ve been shuffled around, I bet your having second thoughts, but I do hope you go for it. The road will smooth out and I think you’ll be really valuable and very good at this job.

When a client tells you of their fears and limitations, you’ll have some knowledge of how to over come those fears and self doubts because of what you yourself has over come.

I’m glad your going to go for the interview. I bet you’ll love this job more then the one your at now once you finish.



Thanks J. I really liked the campus but kind of struggled my way through the interview. I do hope I do get in but if not then I have a job to fall back on.


good luck.
take care


Hope it works out for you. :smile: