Want a career change


I have a degree in Sociology BA (Hons) which, yes, I fully regret doing. And no, I do not flip burgers for a living. When I did it I did it purely out of interest. I was young. And stupid. It took me years but I finally know what I want to do. I have recently applied for a course in Occupational Therapy BSc. I really, REALLY want to do this and help people with disabilities become as independent as possible. My dad has a visual disability and he met with Occupational Therapists and that’s what inspired me. But I am so scared because I am worried if the course would accept me with this illness. So I emailed the disability office in the uni and told them my dx and just waiting for them to get back to me.


They should accept you into it. It helps in that area to be understanding of disabilities. Good luck and I hope you get the job. For future, you don’t need to tell people that.


I told them because I have to work with patients and I don’t want them to tell me I have not been accepted on the course after the occupational health checks. I would rather know sooner than later.


Wishing you all the best on this career choice.


That is a really cool job. My sis was told she should go into nursing and then branch to OT. She is going to try for the nursing program first. Are you going to go into nursing first or is there a way in the U.K to just go into O.T. quickly?

She was really dead set on O.T. until she started thinking Psych nurse. But she’s still young and wavering.

It looks like a very rewarding occupation. My sis has been working a little bit with a non-profit that does Physical Therapy for young men coming back from our many wars. She also took the classes to work with the Arthritis Foundation and their Aqua-therapy class.

I hope you make it in. I bet you will love it. I think you’d do very well. There is a major need for this and as populations age and come back from more war, there is going to be a high need.
I’m rooting for you… :thumbsup:


Thanks! Yes, the course I applied for is occupational therapy bsc. It’s a three year course funded by the National Health Service and trains you to be an occupational therapist. All the work your sis has done will definitely work in her favour whatever she ends up choosing. I wish her all the best :smile:


I’m still unsure what career path I want in the future. I’ve applied to a bunch of cool jobs but never heard back which means I’m not trying hard enough. I was thinking I could walk people’s dogs in the summer, or I could breed German Sheppards, train them and make bank doing that. Thought about becoming a counselor but it sounds so boring to me personally.

This is my job map:

rehabilitation counselor
addiction counselor
motivational speaker
hacker/computer programmer
media developer and social media
documentary film maker
photographer for national geographic
independent journalist