I applied for a different job

and i got a callback. I have to set a phone interview and then possibly go into for a real interview. I know i can do the job and i will be good at it. And it has full benefits package. But i am HORRIBLE at interviews!! I suck at them basically and this will be my first interview in quite some time. see what happens. :slight_smile:

i’ve been with my current job for 3 years now. so i have that going for me also i do really well at it and that will help too but i must not answer questions right or come across wrong.


Congratulations! That’s great news.

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Thanks! i’m skeptical i will get it. But i’m at least going to try. :slight_smile:

On interviews it MIGHT help to be prepared by knowing what to expect. It might help to take the element of surprise out of the picture. Not to be caught off guard. If you know what the interviewer will ask you can prepare for it and know the answers already, and this may help your confidence. There are websites in which they list all the questions which are commonly asked by interviewers and they tell you how to answer them. Of course it depends on the job too. Being interviewed to work at McDonald’s is going to be different from interviewing for office work or a labor position. But those websites list the questions and how best to answer them. If you live with someone, maybe they could help you by conducting a mock interview. You could download and print typically asked questions and write down the answers and then have him/her ask you out loud the questions and you could practice honing your answers. Just an idea. I have two basic rules for an interview I have followed since I had my first job interview in 1978. I dress nice and I make eye contact.


Here’s what I mean. But be careful, when I saw the sheer number of possible questions it surprised me. It’s a lot of information, maybe too much. But it will at least give you a general idea of what to expect.
And this is just the very first link I went to.You could find dozens of different ones that might help you more


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I used to be on the hiring end, both when I worked for 9 and a half years as the manager of a shop and when I helped at my ex’s shop for 14 years.
It helps to think about what a business needs from their employees.
Doing the job right the first time and making the company profitable is the ultimate goal. Know your job and do it well will make you a valuable employee.

Heck, if you just show up on time when you are supposed to, and you’re friendly and learn the ropes without costing the business a lot of money in the process, then you’re doing better than 80% of the people out there.
It’s hard to find people who arn’t liars, thieves, and ■■■■-starters (people who thrive on creating drama).


good luck i hope it all goes well for you, stay strong.
take care

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Thanks everyone!! I’m not even sure the job will be a good fit for me. I have to see on med insurance. With the damn meds 800 a month medical insurance has become quite important to me!!

I’m just trying to think about it as if it’s meant to be it will be.

thanks for the question list nick and for all the advice eveyone i appreciate it !!!

Good luck @runnergirl I hope you get the new job.

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Thank you Como. i’m just going to add this a job that would fit with my particular needs of working in a private office with not a lot of people around. I’m not just getting any job. :slight_smile:

This is very great news. I am hoping the best for you. I bet you’ll shine and do really well in the interview.

Please let us know how it went.

I thought about it all morning while i worked and i think i’m not going to do the interview. I’m still on SSDI and my doctor wants me to stay on it for now. I get anxcious to be independent but i dont’ think i’m ready just yet.

Hi Runnergirl, I’m just curious…If you are on SSDI would there not be some kind of gov’t assistance to help out with the cost of your meds?

yes they do.

i felt rather dizzy today i really stress myself out about disability. I i wish i had more guidance.

my doctor wants ,me to stay on for now though so i think that is what i will do.

Theres a book called Knock Em Dead. Every single question they will ask is in the book. You just have to read it and think of how you would answer those questions. After a while I knew before the interview which one of the questions they would ask for that kind of job.