I just interviewed for a job. It's really difficult for me

I don’t even understand the terms and the questions. I think at my best i could get a few questions right but I’m not doing my best i lose marks in questions that i know. I think I would fail. Maybe i should give up this kind of job.

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If you really like the job, you can prepare some time for the job. If you don’t like, you can give up.

I think it’s a bit too difficult for me. I like the job but i guess my brain is not allowing me to work good enough.

You can wait and prepare a little long time (one or more years). When your brain is ready, then you can apply for the job again.

Well, they seldom recruit people. It will be at least a few years before they are recruiting again. Sometimes I feel unclear about my potential. But when i have the interview, it appears to me it’s beyond my ability. At least I won’t find it comfortable. I think I better find a less demanding job.

Maybe it’s too much stress for me.

That is the problem. You should find a less stress job.