Obsessions ( TW )

I feel a bit obsessive. Maybe it’s the evil spirit…I think of the knife. Even tried scratch last night, just one. It’s like I’m drawn to it. Don’t know why. Keep on thinking of stabbing a mouse or rat, thinking if I had a cat they could catch one for me. What is wrong with me? I feel like I’m becoming wicked. Like the spirit is winning…

Heard voices yesterday morning, first time in two weeks. Alien said “Kill kill” over and over, telling me I’m evil b***h. Fortunately he went away after I got gradually drawn to my book.

Maybe it’s the lack of meds. Tuesday I see my pdoc again and I’m glad. Because the knife obsession is both worrying and fascinating me.

Sorry if my post was intense. Just wanted to share.

Thank you for listening

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Added a trigger warning tag. I’m sorry your suffering but it’s good you talk to shrink soon. Don’t suffer in silence. Let them know you need some help. It’s awefully hard to do it alone!

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and then we, or nobody has to die.

it’s simple as making your edge on something other, maybe creative?

C’mon @Daze. Be kind to others.

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what? whatever. you tend to over-react.

WOW. I cannot believe you purposely triggered someone’s ocd

That’s not an over reaction

@Daze is silenced for the night. Not sure the intent there but would hope it was just a silly decision. Apologies peeps. Lets keep civil and supportive for the punter.

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I’m so sorry you’re struggling with your obsessions. I know it’s not fun to constantly think of something you don’t want to

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Hi, EarthChild

It is a good way to tell your hallucination out here and It can help you download the intense.

I hope it passes soon.
I have similar voices from time to time

it’s good that you talk to your pdoc soon…
i hope you get better soon!

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