Obsessed with Emailing My Therapist

Does this happen to anyone? I try so hard not to, but every week I email my therapist. I even text him at times! He’s busy at work with all of his clients, writing, and overseeing staff, and he’s busy at home with his wife and kids. It’s like I can’t stop. I always apologize and I keep trying to stop, but nothing helps! I even called him from the hospital when I was in!



What’s a counselor? Is that a therapist ?

Have they ever objected ? If not maybe they don’t mind an email here and there.

Yes, he’s a therapist. I changed my post. He doesn’t mind and he tells me I can email him as much as I want. But it’s not here and there, it’s every week. Sometimes he responds, sometimes he doesn’t. Last week I sent him 22 emails within two hours!

How do I stop?

Oh eeek. :astonished:

But still. They haven’t complained or asked you to stop so that’s good.

But if it’s bothering you , there’s really no technical solution that would help.

You just have to learn to be less reliant on this person I guess. Somehow.

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Okay. Thanks @everhopeful!

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By stopping. No one is controlling you, you are not a puppet. E-mailing him is under your control, no one is forcing you to type anything. If you want motivation to stop then be aware you may be embarrassing yourself; that should give you the incentive to stop.

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Thank you @77nick77

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I’m glad to help you.

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And obviously, you can still e-mail him but just not as much. But you know this.

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I had the same problem with my therapist I couldn’t stop calling and texting. I tried so hard not to and failed alot. But then eventually I broke my self out of it by finding other avenues like talking to friends and family instead. I hope you find a way to stop like I did. Best wishes to you.

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Thank you @Sleepy. I have ocd, so I think it’s a compulsion. I also attend intensive outpatient and have two therapists there, plus my psychiatrist, but I don’t email them often. It’s just this one person. I’ll work on talking to other people instead. Thanks!

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he sounds like a nice therapist if he overlooks it and doesn’t mind. :slight_smile: maybe you should discuss it with him. tell him you don’t want to message so much but you have a hard time stopping it. maybe he can work on it with you somehow.

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You are one of his clients and it’s his job to help you in between the sessions.
As long as you don’t bother him for little things and with real problems he will se you really need help.

I always call mine and he always answer


I think the therapist will tell you if you cross the boundary. They are the best at that lol

As long as he didn’t say a thing I think it’s good

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Does he respond to you via email or text? Or does he wait to respond until your next session ?

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Good idea! And he’s very nice.

Thanks! I’ll try and only call for real problems! And I’ll wait for him to tell me it’s too much.

If I text him, he responds right away because he knows it is a crisis. If I email, he responds sometimes, sometimes not. Sometimes he calls after he receives an email or text, other times he just writes back.

This is literally his job. He wouldn’t have given you his phone number or email address if he didn’t want you to use them. He’s an adult. If he wants, he can tell you to stop texting or emailing. But he won’t do that because YOU PAY HIM to help you with problems. If he didn’t do his job, he wouldn’t make money, and he wouldn’t be able to do the things he wants to do in life. He isn’t some friend you’re unfairly unloading on. You have paid him for a service, and he is providing it.

You only just got out of the hospital, and you’re still in IOP. This is not the time to cut back on services. Once you’ve been stable for a while, you can work on being more self-reliant. For now, take all the help you can get and focus on finding a way to feel better.


You could always try doing squared breathing and other calming things like coloring or going for a walk. If that doesn’t work, then go ahead and contact him.

I was obsessed w/ calling a therapist a saw for 5yrs. It was 10:30 at night the one time and she called me, and told me she couldn’t see me any more, so hopefully you don’t end up in my shoes, it turned out for the better though cause I started IOP full-time for a bit, and then took two classes for school, and met my bf so great things can come out of breaking free from stuff your used to.

Now I’m in treatment and I tried getting in touch w/ my pdoc last Friday and yesterday, and they have yet to give me any kind of response. Wait til they see my mood tracker of rating my highs/lows/anxiety, that I started last Monday the 9th. Each day is about a page and 1/2 on a word doc. I hope they are impressed as i never met them yet. It also says the exact meds/ supplements i take each day. It is very rare that my therapist gets back to me, I think she did tops 4 times in the year and 2 months I’ve been seeing her. I called her twice yesterday, once leaving her a message, and second having the secretary leave a message. I even said I’m going to end up in the E.r, after all the psychosis i was experiencing, i took 1mg of klonopin and 3mg of melatonin, slept 7hrs ate a bagel and slept 13hrs. So maybe I should be e-mailing proffessionals to talk about this stuff, but I don’t have any resources/ so I come on here

Thanks! I haven’t considered that.

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