I screwed up

I screwed up and texted my counselor today on his personal phone on new year’s eve. I’m so embarrassed. I feel like a terrible person.

What is there to feel embarrassed about?

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I’m sure he wront judge you too harshly

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I felt embarrassed when I sent my therapist a message about my delusions and she never replied back


Your counselor probably thinks nothing of it.


She probably hasn’t even noticed the message.

He texted back. I’m so humiliated. And sorry. Then I spiraled out of control and sent him seven emails.

Thank you all for your responses. @brandotron @shellys12 @Om_Sadasiva @Loke @doing-fine-thanks @anon92220549


Don’t worry to much. They there to help you

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Obviously you’re in need of support. He’s literally paid to give you support when you need it. He gave you that number for this exact reason. Let him do his job and help you. There’s no shame in seeking the care of a health professional when you’re sick.


He gave you his personal number for a reason. Don’t be hard on yourself. I’m sure he understands.


I agree with the others. He obviously gave you his personal number for a reason. Don’t worry about contacting him on it. That’s why he gave it to you in the first place!

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7 messages? for real?

it’s holiday.

are you ok?

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@Daze you don’t have to be rude. Yes it’s a holiday, but that doesn’t chamge the fact that @FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter was struggling. She did the right thing, reaching out for help.

@FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter I’m sure your counselor understands and likely agrees that it’s a good thing you reached out. We always make the mistake of suffering in silence because we’re trying not to bother people. Also, it’s just like others said. He gave you that number for a reason. You’re not a terrible person for usung it.


Thank you @ninjastar @FatMama @disciple @Daze @Sardonic.

He emailed me tonight, so I know even if he hates me, he is still willing to talk with me. I don’t know how I will face him though. I canceled my appointment with him on Thursday because I can’t imagine looking him in the eye.

I texted him and asked if I could overdose on Lithium. I feel suicidal, but I didn’t want to upset any of my family or friends by telling them.

I really think it would be good if you could get to the Thursday appt. You are very important not only on here but people in your life. You are needed. Please stay safe.


Are you okay? @FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter I’m quite sure he doesn’t hate you. As @FatMama said, you are very important here. You are needed by the people in your life. Please try to reflect on that fact. Do stay safe.

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No biggy probably just felt like any other day.

If you think you might take a bunch of pills you need to go to the hospital.

Thank you @FatMama @tstripe @anon12381882 @ZmaGal!
You all are so kind and supportive!

I didn’t want to post on the forum about feeling suicidal because a) I have before and I didn’t want to exasperate anyone and b) I didn’t want to be hypocritical when trying to offer support here.

I just come to this place often on medication because I feel physically sick on it everyday and I feel emotionally numb.


I think you’re projecting too much!!! You gotta be selfish in your recovery. You’re the most important person in your recovery not how others are judging you and stuff.

I’m the same way about things.

Sometimes like if I like a girl and I tell someone I like her, I never wanna see her again cuz I’m worried the person I told will tell them and I won’t be able to face them knowing they may know I’m interested them and I cancel my next time I’m gonna see them.

It’s pure paranoia and psychosis. It doesn’t bother me because I don’t have to leave my comfort zone to avoid them. But really I must change this thing I do.