Obama smart phones now available

I got one for free unlimited ttw. In gov aid program medicaid

I don’t care what others say. Obama has done some very good things for the low income folkfolk like me


Obama gets a lot of blame for stuff he can’t control and little to no acknowledgment for the good things he does. He’s a good man at heart.

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i usually avoid things in politics but yeah, Obama gets a lot of blame for what he cant do anything about. Though to be honest this whole “If you cant afford to buy health insurance we are going to slap you with a fine” thing is kinda a big bummer for a few of us. Now that i make so much money i don’t qualify for medicare/Medicaid, but i still don’t make enough money to afford a proper health insurance. Right now ive got it through my employer, but its costing me about 10% of my check every two weeks.

A friend of mine was denied Medicaid, but only because she makes $2 too much per month on average, how is an excess income of $2 gonna get her insurance? now shes facing a fine of 7,500 which is double the yearly cost quoted to her by the last insurance company…That doesn’t make sense really, they cant afford it so you punish them by making them pay for something else? or go to jail?

I voted for the man, but he is causing some serious problems with his health care plan…

I’ve had an Obama phone (technically called a safelink) for almost a year, now, and am very grateful.

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