Have you/did you need to signed up for obamacare?

I was so turned off at getting nowhere on the obamacare site that I still haven’t signed up for anything. I know the healthcare I had prior is cut off as of February (ex is no longer paying for my coverage-too expensive he says) so I have to figure out how I will get coverage. I’m not good at this kind of thing, and what I have been offered is about half my SSDI check for me alone. So here I sit…waiting. If I wait to long I get a penalty fine of $118 I’m told.
Has it been easy for you?

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I’m on medical assistance, so I didn’t need to sign up for Obamacare. The only problem is that in the state of Pennsylvania, where I live, Tom Corbett, rather than expand Medicaid, wants to cut the benefits to medical assistance for disabled people. So I’m just waiting for that disaster.

Csummersx If you get ssdi don’t you get medicare. If you been on ssdi for two years you can get medicare. Also the web site is working a lot better now. They also have a phone number you can call for help. Some communities have people to help with signing up.
Keep working at it. You need health care.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

I’m lucky, i’m on assistance so i don’t need to sign up. But my partner has depression and diabetes but isn’t covered by any assistance so we tried to sign up for coverage for her and it was cost 169 dollars a month for her.

Yeah ridgerunner, I do qualify and have part A, seems I will be penalized for every year I didn’t have part B. They’re talking a 20% penalty for the 17 years I didn’t accept part B, because my self employed husband paid 100% of our medical, and wasn’t necessary to pay for part B since it was considerably less coverage than the HMO plan. So now I have to pay for all those years I was already covered by another personal plan as punishment.

My take on obamacare… I live in NYS and its been a nightmare (even though NY has its own website). Spending hours on the phone. I eventually found a Navigator, someone who met with me in reallife, to fill out the forms. I’m waiting to hear back from the state. I was told it could take 30 days to hear about what its going to cost me or if i qualify for medicaid or other financial assistance.

It will cost 1,450 dollars a month for my husband and I. We work at the same place and the company is no longer paying for our insurance. We can’t afford the1450 for obamacare. We are going to not have any insurance so I won’t beable to get my medicine. I don’t know what’s going to with no meds.

I read that if I didn’t chose any insurance, I would be penalized $118 and be refused for any care until it was paid.
I had a choice of 5 plans, but it would have taken almost half my SSDI check.