I just got an Obama cell phone

It’s free - 200 minutes a month. I think I’ll be willing to take a few more risks with a cell phone with me. I’m so excited. I never could have afforded one.


Great news Chordy!

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That’s great! i’m happy for you.

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This is good news @pretzel - good for you

What do you mean you got an “Obama” cell phone? Is this part of a healthcare service?

I just found this website which explains it

obamaphone dot com

That site is a scam… or not accurate

But I did find this about the whole issue of “obama phones”


They claim they just provide information and that’s all I can really see that the site does. I can’t see where the scam is, if it’s a scam site.

I apologize for my ignorance. In the future I will refer to my Safelink Wireless phone. It is not a scam. I had heard it called an “Obama Phone” from the start of my knowledge of it.

Chordy ,szadmin was talking about the website obamaphone.com which I posted being a scam, not your phone :smile:

Good grief- politics and trouble everywhere.

I think it was my fault chordy, the website I posted. Sorry.

What do you think you’ll do, now that you’ve got a phone that you might not have done before?

Go further in my car and not be afraid to drive in less than perfect weather.