How did everyone get by prior to Obama Care?

I’ve always had insurance through my employer. Obama Care hasn’t been around long there must have been funding prior to Obama Care. Was it that bad then,? i know lots of people are woried but what if it went back to how it was. Would that be bad?

I had Obamacare last year. I’m not sure what I would have done without it.

My co-person was able to leave her job in another state and come to this state to open a business because of Obamacare. She’s had cancer twice - if it had not been for Obamacare, she could not have gotten insurance, period. No one would have covered her.


I was on a plan through my (ex’s) work, even though he was self employed, we paid 100%.
Now I’m not covered by anything.

When I had insurance it was blue cross blue shield of texas. Then when I was in d.c. area it was blue cross blue shield of maryland for a little bit and then the federal one(just because I didn’t have any problems and I stuck with it… also it was the cheapest.). I remember that it was around 300 a month then jumped to about 400 a month with obama care(may be way off as my memory isn’t the greatest). Obamacare for me was around the price of the commercial one so I don’t see what was so great about it.

@Rhubot it seems that you like the part about the pre-existing conditions. Everything that I’ve been hearing in the news is that the republicans will keep that part. Could be wrong though as my guess is that is the part that is jacking up everyones insurance premiums. Personally I would like to see them keep it. I only care about the part that forces you to have insurance.

Either way though I have no job so I have no insurance now. From what I remember under around 14000 is what you have to make before you are forced to buy insurance under penalty of a cumulative fine. Could be off as it has been a while since I read it.

They’re cutting the subsidies that make insurance affordable. Saves the government money, but people will have to pay more. They also rejected a proposed amendment that protects people with pre-existing conditions.

Well we don’t know until it comes out. Did that amendment have other things attached too? “I get my news from the shows” Are the subsidies just for obamacare? The news I heard on it didn’t go too in depth.

I’m on medicare and have been for several years now. I’m Just so worry with Trump and the Republican’s in charge might do something to screw that up but the insurance has been really well for me.

Not that I’m aware of. The way the budgetary reconciliation process works, passing it with the amendment required 60 votes, without only 51. The bill doesn’t have 60 votes for it, so they chose not to approve those protections.

Well I heard that they are keep the part where if you are 26 and under you can stay on your parents plan and pre-existing conditions part. Or at least that isn’t the part up for the vote right now.

No, right now is just budgetary reconciliation. What they’re mainly axing are government subsidies that allow providers to keep premiums, co-pays and deductibles reasonable. With those gone, the costs will be borne by the insurance companies and ultimately passed on to the consumers.

I don’t know why they don’t fix the prescription drug prices. Other countries pay way less. Probably all the lobiest.

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I agree. Correcting that, reining in predatory hedge fund investors, and dealing with other inflated costs would genuinely benefit many people.

I heard a reason before why medical costs are so damn high in the US. I think the reason was medicaid and medicare and the insurance companies. Don’t remember the exact explanation so take that with a grain of salt. From the lone economics class I took the supply demand curve for healthcare is really steep. So that is also a reason for a high prices. If it is something that will save you they can charge you anything and you’ll pay the price.

I was doing great on risperidone. A mid range priced drug at the time. I told my pdoc i was tired of being a slave to the price of my meds. I wanted to go on haldol because it’s like $5 a month at Walmart cash price. He didn’t like it but i was pretty persistent. Turns out it was a big stress relief off me and although it may not be superior to risperidone i improved noticably. Tried the same thing prior to this at the hospital when i was admitted. She wanted to give me some new expensive drug. I wanted haldol, we settled on risperidone. Why ,are the pdocs getting pressured to sell us the new expensive drugs, it seems like it.

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From what I heard the drug companies pay them to do this. They do a kind of underhanded way to pay them but that may be it. I remember they put me on abilify at first. Only at the time the drug was around $700 for 30 pills. I couldn’t take my medication and landed back in the hospital. Risperidone is much cheaper and it works so that is what I will use. Only thing I can see and to change drugs is if it stops working or if the part where it affects my sex drive becomes relevant.


Something else that seems strange is i quit taking my meds for like a month on 2 occasions. Ended up in the hospital both times. Each time instead of putting me back on the meds that were working good for me. They put me on new meds that they had no idea how i will react to them.

They did the same thing to me when they changed me from abilify to risperidone. Maybe they do it just in case it was the meds that weren’t working and they prescribe new ones just to be safe.

Hopefully it gets even better with your new president rather then worse then it’s ever been.

I got a sheet of paper saying I was covered by Obamacare for a year. It wasn’t the first time that kind of a notice had arrived in the mail. I think I get a little more extensive care because I am a veteran. If I ever became independently wealthy the first thing I would do would be to get on my computer and get the best Obamacare plan I could buy.

Obamacare for a condition like cystic fibrosis requires the Gold plan

there was nothing for my daughter before the act but she did get 6 months
free meds through the pharmaceuticals and the foundation

simply for choosing their brand

often the company would offer free vitamins and weight boosting shakes to her
when she was growing up

it was a one time plan (6 months) and thankfully she went to Obamacare
shortly after

right now she went with her husband’s Blue Cross insurance
with a lower premium and higher deductible (4K)

I’m worried about it

The great thing that Obamacare has done
that I believe can’t be reversed
is that it forced employers to offer health insurance to their employees

that’s the main gripe about it too

The people I’ve asked on private insurance
haven’t seen an increase in rates due to Obamacare

it just depends about their status as married
their age or their plan

there’s always cheaper insurance
but most don’t want to take a risk on it