Nutrition Question

I am thinking of eating one meal a day.
Instant noodles (2min. Noodles) and an apple as desert. Lots of water and one multivitamin pill.
Would I loose eventually weight ? Would it be healthy?
I want to do spiritual fast to cure my spirit.

That wouldn’t be healthy for you. It’s too low in calories and it doesn’t have any protein.


I tried this before for 6 months and I ended up very thin.

When I went back to eating properly, I put all the weight back on and then some.

It’s not the right way to lose weight.


Try this


1 cup bran cereal
1 cup almond milk unsweetened


turkey sandwich on whole wheat with mustard


3 cups vegetables
2 tbsp. ranch dressing
1 cup lentils

This will keep your metabolism going and give you enough protein and you will lose weight slowly. It’s okay to fast occasionally imo.


I going to do this. When i get regular bloodtests every 3 months i should be fine. Hopefully i switch to the vegandiet after.
When i start i tell you whats going on spirit wise.

personally i like the normal eating diet as best. healthy eating healthy physical exercise. plain and simple. and it builds better habits for life.

hugs, judy :rofl: :joy: :star_struck:

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I am mentally not fit to do that. I think extreme lifestyles take extreme measures. I am getting thoughts of being a chosen one and such. I maybe choose myself, actually the voices. I am so stressed to quit smoking. I am already taking valium to calm down.

I’ve always heard that nutrition is good for you.

But are you being serious? That might be OK for a few days or a few weeks but yes, it would be unhealthy and probably unsustainable to do for any length of time and just like most fad diets out there, you might lose a little weight but it’s almost guaranteed that you would gain it all back and probably more. Also, on a diet like that you are going to feel uncomfortably hungry most of the day.

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I always remember what i eat cause I wrote it down for awhile. I like to do a fast but cause of the medication I have to eat something. Of course fresh fruit and veges are the best. I don’t know, i am so stressed, i got permanent backpain, lungdisease and obesity. I love to change, but by the time i am all fired up to do the change the fortnightly injection takes all my motivation.

When i come of the medication I am not hungry at all, but i don’t communicate that well and i am not funny anymore. Really inconvenient to my social environment. I feel oppressed. Just recently I manage to share the same footpath instead of changing the streetsite alltogether. I know it would end bad claiming my equal rights to use the footpath. As i said I overcame this hurdle. Sz are prolonged for trouble. No wonder I want to live in the outback. But the psychiatrist who didn’t like me to live that sort of life threw spanner in the works. And so did family members. These days i live dream B. Mental loafing.

Maybe i get a life supporting the Catholics and the political party in charge. Like many others. I stop caring over environmental criminals. I join the club. I still will be a mental loafer but a happy one.

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