My aggressive weight loss strategy

I am on a weight loss plan of my own devise, consisting of intermittent fasting from 11pm to 3pm daily, calorie restriction of 1,000 calories a day, and drastically reduced, added sugar intake.

I know this plan is extreme but these AP meds are extreme too and they make it extremely difficult to lose weight so, extreme measures are called for.

I’ve already gone from 168.0 to 164.2 lbs. in 24 days doing this, so, slow going but sure. And it hasn’t been straight down, but up and down, with a general downward trajectory.


With that low of calories you probably need suplements and make sure to add a bit more calories on more active days


I’ve found out that going for long walks helps to manage my weight.

Do you like walking?


I’d still be running it by a doctor or nutritionist. Trouble with rapid weight loss is that you probably will rebound when you stop and quickly. I think there’s other ways more practical that work like the meal replacement shakes. Yeah a bit pricey but I’d be making sure to take vitamins etc.


Good luck with losing weight.

I do second that it may be good to visit a nutritionist if you make such radical changes. As to not get any deficiencies (and thus other trouble).


You might want to check videos by scooby1961. He has been focusing on fitness of people over 50 recently (don’t get me wrong. Since I am assuming you’re around his age.)

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In a word: No. I do yoga on a regular basis. It’s the only exercise I can stand.


I can assure you that on these meds, it won’t be “rapid” weight loss. @rogueone

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Consuming 1000 calories is very unhealthy and can be downright dangerous @SkinnyMe

You are a nurse, you should know better

Losing 4 pounds in 24 days isn’t extreme. I know 1000 calories is low but I think she’ll be alright. I’m not a doctor though.


4 pounds in 24 days is not extreme but consuming 1000 calories a day is unhealthy according to my doctor/ nutritionist


Sound’s like a plan @SkinnyMe im sure you’ll succeed
Im doing similar thing now as these meds are tough for weightloss
As long as theres vegetables and nutrition we cant go wrong
I wish you all the :crossed_fingers:

I am with @Wave . This is unhealthy,borderline dangerous, and honestly not sustainable. Any weight loss from extreme diets pule back on as soon as someone goes back to healthy eating.

That helps create eating disorders


I know people from Africa who happily eat once every day or two
Its not a fad diet if your eating sustainable amounts of nutritional foods

Africa is notorious for starving people. I don’t see how that is relevant.

Not entire of Africa, im on about eating healthy Africans

That’s cannibalism.

As a zombie, I approve.


It came out wrong :joy:


Remember to have enough fish oil suplementz and vitamins. Drink plenty of water.

It is allowed to have a cheat meal once or twice a week where you eat a bit more calories so you don’t come back

Yeah starvation diets are something I did when I was 17-19 years old, awful experience. You just need to eat less not that much less. But I dont wanna tell someone what they are doing is wrong, it might not be. Just dont be too hard on yourself