Nutrition and mental abilities

just been watching sharone stone, her charity is about nutrition and mental ability.

my mum n dad put beer and alchol before food

any food in fridge and milk was dads

we darent touch it

so me n my siblings went to school hungry etc
mum used to get money off dad for school dinner, and because we werent on welfare, we didnt get a ticket for dinner (mum n dad worked to feed their habit)

i so was jealous of my mate who had a ticket for dinner or the other one who had packed lunch

me n my mate tracey used to go into the farm field a couple of fields away from school and eat a raw cabbage or take one turnip and scoop it out

so im now watching the charity and thinking yeh its a good idea to put tins food in the kids bag but what if the parents decide its for them, not you

and dya think its part of my sz?? is this what might have set it off?

Wow what a crappy childhood you had. My parents :family_man_woman_boy: were never perfect but they were much better than yours.

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