I dont blame my parents


i dont blame my parents for my illness, they tried there best and that iss all you can do

if i was a parent i try to think how i would deal with my child having a mental illness and all i can think of doing is what my dad does with me, he gives me all the support he can and helps me as much as he can

i’ve been told that i idolize my dad but i dont think that is a bad thing.

what about you?


My parents had no idea I had these problems and still don’t. I was pretty much on my own and it made my life worse. I have a hard time forgiving them.


my parents are evil, but they are going to a karmic hell for what they did, but i am happy for you that you have great parents, and happy for anyone who is blessed like that.
take care


My parents saved my butt. I was so mad at them for some of their decisions in my treatment. But I’m still alive and kicking. I can hold a job. So it must have worked out some how.


I am angry at my dad. He has the nerve to have a child but not the time to help me out. My mom helps out though.


Mine are evil as well, i hate them both.

I don’t blame them for having this disease, but i do blame them for having a child they did not love or want.

And let’s face it, people are whores, careless cruel whores, they have kids because they want to and not because they need to. I blame my parents for that, they had children not because they needed to but because it felt good and now i have to suffer because of them.

Sure if people did it on a need to basis there would be no argument, but people treat having children like eating candy, they just can’t get enough, it’s hideous, it’s really really bad of them to do this.

Seven billion?! You’ve got to be fu#$ing kidding me!


I don’t blame my parents either. My relatives too. I have one religious aunt and probably a few cousins who would say I don’t have an illness. My favorite aunt told me that there was nothing wrong with taking medication. When i became ill my grandma came and helped my mom and dad take care of me. I was sleeping all day long and basically in a sort of stupor. I know they really love me and I think it breaks their heart their daughter (my mom) is still unable to get treatment because she can manage so well despite her delusions.

My mom tries really hard to be there for us but I also try really hard not to get upset when she lashes out from paranoia at people. I try to explain that she’s just unwell. It’s nerve-wracking most people don’t know why she does things that seem selfish. I do know deep down who she really is and how she really feels, despite the delusions that often cloud her mind. I think having a loved one in mental distress shuld be enough to get someone hospitalized who needs it. The laws are changing too. Hopefully sometime soon there will be an easier way to get someone from the county to assess my mother and get her the help she desperately needs to function.

I think denying a person access to mental health is a form of psychological torture. Because schizophrenia etc. causes unneeded psychological distress, pain, trauma, isolation, it causes us to be outcast from others. people need to be helped. My dad has tried a few times, but the barriers to it are so impossible to get through that he wants to wait until a better solution arises. It’s also incredibly costly and the insurance companies called the doctors last time and tried to convince them she wasn’t unwell and just had a drinking problem. My mom never drank much before and I’ve seen her crazy without that time she was drunk.

She was in the hospital for 3 weeks about, but she didn’t continue her medication when she got home–too early because the third week was when she started getting better. They need to do something about people who would do better about medication. But my dad doesn’t want to become either her caretaker or force the state into it, because he loves her too much to put her through that stress and he knows she is incredibly afraid of hospitals. So he is essentially her caretaker right now but he’s not forcing her to take medication because that’s not his place. So it’s a difficult situation because my mom can’t really manage on her own very well.


I blame my dad. He is an evil sadistic paranoid psychopath. He’s been mentally and physically abusing me til I was 16 and my parents separated. I moved to my mom. I was about to kill him but then I got my chance to escape. He made me hear voices when I was 14-15 years old. Evil voices telling me he will kill me and I have to kill him.

We have very little contact today. I don’t like him.


I don’t know if I will ever really forgive them and forget about it forever, even when I say I forgive; things start to surface up again when I get angry or get a bad day, I tell them I forgive them because I don’t want to hurt their feelings…I know they have changed now and I was able to grow a love for them.


I don’t like to place blame on anyone. But the fact is that my mom had schizophrenia and likely passed that gene down to me.

And the stressful childhood caused by my mom refusing treatment most likely contributed to me developing the illness.

Those are just unfortunate facts.