My family of three

Hi I am 33 my dad tries to pin that I owe him 100,000$ dollars for all the raising up he things he bought me to advance my career, food want this want that. We had an argument last night where we are working out things in a slow process but I see it moving forward. It’s just hard because my mom is mentally ill and she does rarely say a peep when I try to have a family discussion about our past and how important we mean to each other. And our plan of future survivability, food rationing my mom cooks too much and my dad doesn’t want her cooking as much I’m already fat enough. I think if we budget our diets it would last longer for the amount of cash we have left. Then it’s time to ask other family members for cash which my mom stoops to. My dad had a good job and never had to ask anyone for help. Now I’m getting to a position where I will be the same way. But as for my mom she has high blood sugar she doesn’t I mean she is lazy she does the bare minimum if at all nothing to participate in me and my dad’s endeavors we once called her extra baggage but I know that is not right. I care for my mom and want to see her attitude change if she is willing to learn or is just plain ignorant of how the meds effect her being.

Is your Dad mentally ill? Sounds like your Mom may need different meds.
Not sure what your question is…


Hey there bridge comet! :slight_smile: yes my dad is mentally ill how did you not derive a question am I too in concise? I apologize. Cheers!

Well, wasn`t sure if you were asking for advice about your Mom?**

My Mom did what Mom’s have to do but everyone knew she didn’t want to. She lived in a dream world.

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How does your Dad helping your career equate to having debt to him? A Father should help his kids and what does he think is gonna happen to him when he is old and in diapers after he treated his kids like an investment to make a profit off of when the time was in his favor? How can he says he cares about his kids if all he wants out of them is something he can use to help himself? Does he really care about his kids?

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