How can I open up too community nurse when I believe he's out to get me too?

Should I just blurt it out while we are walking and tell him everything? I don’t feel like I can trust him as I believe the NHS is out to get me?

How do you face talking to people about your thoughts?

I don’t i really don’t enjoy it either, you could start slowly, and then if he seems weird about it then just cut and run

Just tell your community nurse everything…what’s the worst that could happen? If anyone is out to get you, they can get you. You are just a powerless schizophrenic.

The NHS is helping you in the way they think is best. We might not agree with it, or always have a good service, but ultimately they’re a support mechanism.

They are not out to get you.

I only started really conversing with these people about 2 years ago, and it was a good thing because now I get better treatment now they know me better.

Just go there and let go. Vomit everything you have to say, you will feel better. That´s how it works.

I felt like my nurse hated me. But after my meds began to work better I realized she had just been trying to help me.

I legitimately thought one of my nurses was the devil, so I doubt you’ll spook them as long as they feel they can safely work with you in the room.

That guy didn’t do anything wrong to me, was 100% on the level, I was just delusional.

There was a nurse that I felt was harming me because she thought I was a junky, and she was aggressively handling the IV into my arm as some sort of punishment.

I wanted to have something in her file, but I mean that was at least 5 years ago, I can’t help but feel that maybe she’s still out there pettily hurting people.

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You get sent to the psych ward is the worst thing. It has happened to me, now i dont tell them anything about my delusions.

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