Nurse lectured me

The outpatient nurse lectured me today. Said I should’ve told my in-laws how important my meds were and that going without them can cause brain damage. My in-laws think all the meds I’m on cause brain damage.

That’s weird, inaccurate and not her/his business. Are you alright?

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I don’t think it’s inaccurate. Psychosis can cause a loss of grey matter, which can be considered a kind of brain damage.


I’m okay now, my doctor sat in the talk and said if I continue to have problems getting my meds he will call the authorities. He said what they did bordered on abuse of a disabled person


You’re in laws need a good spanking.


You’ve got a point but just outright calling it “brain damage” at what was probably a short time of them not being taken seems a little extreme to me. And my in-laws don’t even know I’m sick. That seems like a lot to expect in-laws to take in.

I think I missed some preliminary information. Who was keeping your meds from you?

I live in the apartment behind their house. Its their fault I couldn’t get my meds. They downright refused to take me or my partner to get the meds. Until they had a reason to go get them because they needed something from the store

Oh, I see. That’s not very nice. So then the nurse lets you know that their bad behavior is your fault because you’re not already under enough stress?

People are really strange.
I am glad the problem is taken care of.

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Your in-laws understand very little about schizophrenia. Be patient, but be assertive.